Paris Tour - Summer 2015

The choir toured Paris at the end of June, performing concerts at the venues below. The programmes principally included unaccompanied music from repertoire sung over the year, with a small amount of secular repertoire in addition.

Sunday 28th June, 11amMass at Sainte-Clotilde
Padilla, Missa Ave Regina
Sunday 28th June, 3pmConcert at Sainte-Clotilde
Including music by: Eccard, Warlock and Padilla
Monday 19th June, 8pmConcert at Saint-Germain L'Auxerrois
Including music by: Bairstow, Lotti and Holst
Tuesday 30th June, 4pmConcert at La Madeleine
Including music by: Goodall, Josquin and Colman

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